John C. Anderson

 John Anderson is the author of  the Holly Goforth Quartet - Book One: the Stalking , Book Two: the Revenge, Book Three, The Revival , and Book Four: the Breakdown - all page-turners, all thrilling coming of age stories. He just completed a rewrite of The Wages of Gin, an anti-memoir satire, and he is the author of GIRTY: The Legend, and Free Love: Cultivating the Garden of Eden in America. Mr. Anderson has been writing for his entire life.  After his graduation from college, he worked as a newspaper reporter, then as a magazine editor, next as an advertising and public relations counselor, and as an e-commerce pioneer until he decided to write books full time. This experience is fictionalized in The Wages of Gin, a novel about the love of memory and murder.  The Holly Goforth Quartet tells the story of a young girl whose privileged life ends forever with the death and disgrace of her wealthy father.  Mr. Anderson also enjoys rescuing unjustly neglected people from America’s past who contributed to the nation’s present.  GIRTY: The Legend examines how the myth of the infamous Revolutionary War renegade, Simon Girty, was used to excuse the disgraceful, racist destruction of America’s native peoples.  Free Love profiles the leading nineteenth century social reformers who struggled to win equal rights for men and women in America and who ultimately established the foundation for today’s feminist movement. Mr. Anderson has contributed to numerous journals. Abbreviations of his most recent articles are posted here.  He presently lives and writes in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Please check out his Amazon Author's Page.

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