John C. Anderson

Comments About John Anderson's Work:

 "John Anderson's narrative history Girty: the Legend is a fascinating and authentic picture of colonial times – it is a piece of Truth. The book describes how racist myths invented and exploited by white European colonists to dispossess and remove Indians from the land.   It is a piece of the Truth that needed to be dug up from a long forgotten past.  We can make the world a better place for all things of Creation.  It is our dream that one day, all of humanity will join hands across the globe in one gigantic circle, lift our eyes to the Creator of All Things, and give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy.  Let us sing together! It is the Truth that John Anderson in his book Girty: the Legend gives to us all.   His work is an important piece in rebuilding the great shining Truth World. It was a pleasure to read his book and a blessing to find his heart lovingly wrapped around each word. We have spoken. --Gadoda Yonv (Standing Bear)

"Not all the pioneers who came from Europe and settled in the colonies were 'good guys'. Not all left us a heritage that we can be proud of. One of the worst of our forefathers was Simon Girty, who left us a heritage of racism, fully described in John Anderson's GIRTY: The Legend." --  Mary Holliman, President, Pocahontas Press, Inc.


The Legend of Simon Girty


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